When choosing Villains in the world of Evil, you have many choices; Politicians, Religious Leaders, Mad Dictators, Horrifically scarred monsters, Evolved Apes, Conclaves of Billionaires, Leaders of other Villainous Groups, Old World Crime Families, and the Department of Transportation.

Of all your possible choices, why choose Lord Malignance?

1) Lord Malignance Delivers. In 3+ years of unrelenting Evil, Lord Malignance has dominated
the world of Villainy. There are none more feared.

2) Resources. In addition to the unmatched might of the Colorado Holdfast, Lord Malignance brings the worlds of Bad Science, Unethical Technology, Unscrupulous Finance, and Insane Megalomania together into a powerful, time proven strategy for success.

3) Agile and adaptive applications of influence. From bumbling minions, to mercenary henchmen, from shady business contacts to taxpayer financed Graft Hogs, and from the Finest Domestic Ninjas to the Eastern Slope Warlocks, Lord Malignance knows how to leverage desire
and will into a motivating energy to accomplish specific goals in a timely manner.

4) Deliverables – on time, and over budget. Be honest – you know if it was about money,
you could choose any of a number of khaki-wearing project managers, and pay them to bring your world to its knees. It’s time to say good bye to “no, it can’t be done” and “that would be illegal
in most countries” and prepare yourself to start saying “Yes, Master”.

5) Professionalism. When you are enslaved by Lord Malignance, you’re ruled by the worst of the worst, and you’re paying for it. You will accept
nothing but cruelty, and will fear the name of Lord Malignance above all others. Only Lord Malignance is THE one proven tyrant with a time
tested record of unleashing unimaginable horror upon the world.

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