What is Evil and how can Lord Malignance Give it To Me?

Evil is a philosophical viewpoint, and has been too long maligned by those presently in power who wish to ensure their rule, by labeling dissenters as “Evil”. The world that we see is a product of the self-proclaimed good enslaving people. But who are the Villains – those who shoulder proudly the burden of Evil? Who are the people who stand up to the powerful, and work to create change? They are Villains, and advancements in society have always been brought about by the minority opposing the will of the majority. By challenging the status quo, the preconceptions, labels, stereotypes, expectations, roles, and values, the good apply to keep you enslaved and docile to serve them quietly. The Evil will not be subjugated, cannot give up their free will, their imaginations, and their hopes for a better world.

Villains struggle tirelessly against the tepid tyranny of the good,
to enslave the world in visions of perfect Evil.

When you throw off the shackles of good, the self-conditioning of your self-enforced subservience is removed. You become free to imagine the impossible, and work ever towards loyalty and service to your one true master. The burdens of practicality and the dread fear of what other people think are eliminated. You see the world with new eyes. Eyes full of hope, a heart full of dreams,
and a mind full of possibilities. A world of equality for all the enslaved, ground equally beneath the uncaring boot of your ruthless
Lord and Master. You uncover the dark reality of the world as it is, and confront the cruel bright illusion of freedom,
to be true to your own potential as a servant to a dire and terrible master.

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